Order picker at IKEA warehouse

Job description

Great logistics opportunity for order pickers at a warehouse in Oosterhout, NL. An e-commerce warehouse is looking for order pickers to support their team long-term.

This company's activities are expanding quickly, so they offer promotions for professional and hard-working people.

The warehouse has modern facilities, such as a well-equipped canteen with daily fresh products for low prices. During the 1st and 2nd shifts, this catering is opened. For the 3rd shift, microwaveable meals are available in vending machines. You'll receive a special bottle to take fresh, cold water with you while you work.

As an order picker, you're responsible for processing the warehouse orders. You'll make sure that the right products get picked to be shipped to the right customer. An EPT and hand scanner will help you while picking the orders. You'll also be stacking products on pallets and do some unpacking of incoming products when needed.

Building a career in a warehouse means joining a large community of dedicated, hard-working, and energized individuals who pride themselves on their commitment and work ethic. You can work in this warehouse as a flex-worker for max 78 weeks. When delivering good work, you may be offered a long-term contract with the company directly.

Working hours (times are subject to change):
Shift 1: 06:00 - 14:00
Shift 2: 14:00 - 22:00
Shift 3: 22:00 - 06:00

What do you bring?

  • Intermediate English and/or Dutch communication skills (B1 or better)
  • Experience with order picking of +2 months is preferred
  • Experience with EPT preferred
  • Dutch reach truck certificate preferred
  • You have your own transport to work
  • You're willing to work here for a long time (up to 78 weeks)
  • You're willing to work in shifts and on Saturdays
  • You're flexible and willing to work at different departments when needed
  • You're a quick thinker, quick learner, and like to act fast
  • You're healthy and like to work
  • You have a clean criminal record (VOG)

What's in it for you?

  • Nice job at a fast-growing company with chances of promotion
  • Opportunity to get a direct contract
  • Comfortable company housing available - within 10km from work
  • Personal contact with your job coach
  • 24 hours emergency service
  • Weekly payments - always on time and in full - to your bank account
  • Access to full healthcare insurance with a discount
  • €200 yearly for emergency dental care (when using our insurance)
  • We offer support in applying for health care allowance (Zorgtoeslag)
  • We will help you apply for Extra-Territorial Costs tax discount
  • Work at a fast-growing company with chances of promotion


XPO Logistics is an American multinational transportation and contract logistics company that manages supply chains for 50,000 customers.
It operates in 30 countries, with approximately 100,000 employees.

XPO is a tech leader in the transportation and logistics industry, spending between 500–550 million €/year on software development, automation, and technological hardware. XPO employs 1,800 IT professionals, including 100 data scientists, working on automation and intelligent machines, forecasting demand, predictive analytics, pricing algorithms, workforce planning, load and route optimization, customer service, and its digital freight marketplace.

Tilburg is a city in the province of North-Brabant.


Function Working week Gross wage Percentage
Order picker - 21+ years old 40 H p/wk € 10,93 100,00%


Job description Percentage
01. Allow + OT Sat 150,00%
02. Allow +OT Sun 200,00%
03. Shift bonus(2) 108,75%
04. Shift bonus(2-night) 111,25%
05. Shift bonus(3) 113,75%
06. Pub Holiday 200,00%
07. OT Mon till Fri 130,00%

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