Foil cutter in cleanroom

Job description

This is the perfect job for people with a technical background. We're looking for foil cutters with a good eye for detail and precision. Experience with, for example, sewing would be perfect!

You'll work inside extremely advanced and fully equipped cleanrooms. There, you'll precisely cut foil to appropriate sizes and assemble packaging that should remain clean on a molecular level. A cleanroom is a sterile room where you need a special suit that covers your entire body, except for your face. This is necessary to avoid contamination of the foil packaging that you'll be producing. The foil will wrap expensive machine parts so they can remain very clean while being transported across the globe. Jewelry, piercings, or makeup are not allowed when working inside the cleanroom. As a benefit though, you'll be working in one of the cleanest environments possible. Even the freedom of dust is kept at a minimum by strict protocols. The clean rooms were built in December 2019, so they're truly brand new.

As a foil cutter, you'll need to work according to the rules and procedures of the cleanroom. You'll need to work with high focus, so you can keep everything very clean and sizes will be precise. You'll get a break every two hours, so you'll be able to concentrate as much as possible during your work.

For an impression of the company, check out the video below:

What do you bring?

  • You can read and understand English at an intermediate level (B1 or better)
  • Being able to understand Dutch is a plus
  • You are willing to work in shifts
  • You're a precise and focused worker
  • Experience reading technical drawings is a plus
  • You have a self-managing character
  • You're a team player and a strong communicator
  • You're a quick learner
  • Private housing & transport near Eindhoven is preferred
  • You have S3 safety shoes

What's in it for you?

  • Guaranteed full working weeks
  • Tools, clothing, etc. provided by the company
  • Ability to stay working for at least 78 weeks
  • An informal and people-orientated environment
  • Steady work in two shifts
  • You may work overtime on a regular basis, drastically raising your weekly NET payment
  • Refund of traveling costs (if using your own car)
  • Personal contact with your own job coach
  • Full healthcare insurance with discount
  • Weekly payments in full to your bank account
  • €200 yearly for emergency dental care (if using our insurance)
  • We will help you receive Zorgtoeslag
  • We will help you apply for Extra-Territorial Costs tax discount
  • Build-up of retirement allowance


HQ Pack is a producer of high-end flight cases and pallets used for the global transportation of expensive machine parts. These sophisticated cases are developed and produced internally and - for specialized customers - may contain lifting and hydraulic installations to safeguard the shipped products. 

After usage, the flight cases are returned to HQ Pack for an extensive inspection, repair, and/or cleaning before being re-used. When cases are too damaged for reuse, they are recycled to produce new cases. Besides recycling, HQ Pack is also invested in solar power, having recently installed many solar panels on the roof of their building in Eindhoven.


Function Working week Gross wage Percentage
Foil cutter in cleanroom - start salary-23+ Y (scale II step 5) 40 H p/wk € 11,88 100,00%


Job description Percentage
01. Shiftbonus (2) 06:00-24:00 118,00%
02. Shiftbonus (night) 00:00-06:00 133,00%
03. Allowance Public holiday 200,00%
04. Overtime Mon-Fri 00:00-06:00 133,00%
05. Overtime Mon-Fri 06:00-24:00 125,00%
06. Overtime Sat 06:00-24:00 150,00%
07. Overtime Sun 06:00-24:00 200,00%

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