Production worker / cleanroom operator

Job description

Grab this chance to learn a new skill and boost your career! As a production worker / cleanroom operator in Eindhoven, you'll perform different tasks inside a cleanroom. At first, you'll work in a first-stage cleanroom, where you'll clean products, and wrap them in foil. After some time, you may transfer to second- or third-stage cleanrooms, which require more cleanliness and experience.


What is a cleanroom?

Cleanrooms are extremely clean spaces, which can keep products clean at a molecular level. This is needed when working with machine parts, for example. Preparing for work, you'll put on a special suit, gloves, and plastic shoe covers. You are now ready to enter the cleanroom!

What do you bring?

  • You're available for 16 (part-time) or 40 (full-time) hours per week;
  • You're available on the weekend (if part-time);
  • You're willing to work overtime when asked (paid 125-200%)
  • You are English-speaking or speak basic Dutch (level A2);
  • Your English CV - job interviews will be with English-speaking recruiters;

If you don't have experience as a production worker inside a cleanroom, some technical experience (from a hobby or previous job) is highly appreciated. However: as long as you're enthusiastic about the job, we can teach you all you need to know to become a great production worker / cleanroom operator.

As a production worker / cleanroom operator, you're responsible for the following tasks:

  • Maintaining a clean environment inside the cleanroom;
  • Working very precisely, so you can keep everything clean;
  • Working in a team to perform group tasks;
  • Cleaning tools and machine parts (starter);
  • Wrapping cleaned products in foil (starter);
  • Producing foil packages (starter);
  • Assembling machine parts (advanced);

What's in it for you?

You'll work full-time or part-time at a modern company with a friendly English-speaking team. If you're a good fit, you can stay for several years. Many of our employees receive a long-term direct contract.

  • An informal work environment with a friendly English-speaking team
  • 18% shift bonus for every worked hour
  • Starters salary of €14,79 gross per hour (incl bonus)
  • Guaranteed 40 hours per week
  • Travel expenses refund (when using your own car)
  • A long-term job with the opportunity to get a direct contract


HQ Pack develops and produces very sophisticated high-end flight cases, sometimes with lifting and hydraulic installations inside, for very specialized customers. These cases are used to store and ship expensive machine parts all over the world. After usage, the flight cases are returned to HQ Pack for an extensive inspection, repair, and/or cleaning before being re-used. Sometimes these flight cases are too damaged or not needed anymore. Those cases are carefully disassembled and recycled to produce new cases. ASML Lithography is an important customer of HQ Pack.

Check out the company in the video below:


Function Working week Gross wage Percentage
Production worker / cleanroom operator 40 H p/wk € 12,54 100,00%


Job description Percentage
01. Shiftbonus (2) 06:00-24:00 118,00%
02. Shiftbonus (night) 00:00-06:00 133,00%
03. Allowance Saturday 06:00-18:00 130,00%
04. Allowance Sunday 06:00-18:00 150,00%
05. Allowance public holiday 200,00%
06. Overtime Mon-Fri 00:00-06:00 133,00%
07. Overtime Mon-Fri 06:00-24:00 125,00%
08. Overtime Sat 06:00-24:00 150,00%
09. Overtime Sun 06:00-24:00 200,00%

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