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Job description

Get to work at a parcel sorting facility in Oirschot! Earn up to €467 NET/week - no experience needed! You'll use a special conveyer belt (Caljan) to load and unload packages from postal trucks. Smart use of this tool makes the job much less heavy. You may occasionally lift packages of up to 30kg, depending on your department. For heavier packages, you'll ask a colleague for help.


If you have a driver's license, you can earn up to €50 NET/week extra for driving yourself and your colleagues to work. You only take your colleagues that live in the same house as you.


Working hours (subject to change):
Shift 1: 06:00-14:30
Shift 2: 14:00-22:30
Shift 3: 18:30-03:00
Shift 4: 22:30-07:00

What do you bring?

  • You're available for up to 39 hours per week;
  • You're able to occasionally lift packages of up to 30kg;
  • You're friendly and work well with others;
  • Your English CV - interviews will be conducted in English;


Experience with physically heavy jobs is highly appreciated, but not required. You'll need to have some focus while working so you don't make mistakes - but overall this job is not complicated. You'll learn quickly and can build a nice routine.


As a loader / unloader in Oirschot you're responsible for the following tasks:

  • Unloading parcels from postal trucks onto a height-adjustable Caljan (conveyor belt)
  • Loading parcels from a height-adjustable Caljan (conveyor belt) into postal trucks

What's in it for you?

Work is divided into day, afternoon and night shifts. When working in the evening, at night, or during weekends, you earns up to 50% extra for a total of €17,79 per hour!


  • A well-paying job in a modern warehouse;
  • Great salary of €11,86-17,79 per hour, depending on your shift;
  • Tools, clothing, etc. provided by the company;
  • Chance to be promoted to Buddy, Senior, or Foreman;
  • Frequent surprises, such as free snacks at work;


DPD group (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) is an international franchise network of package carriers. DPD has a total of 75.000 employees worldwide and transports around 1.3 billion packages to global destinations every year. You'll work at the Dutch head office, which is located in Oirschot. It's an enormous parcel sorting hub of 90.000m2; the biggest in Europe! DPD has logistic depots in 8 other cities in the Netherlands.


For an impression of the warehouse, have a look at the video below:



Function Working week Gross wage Percentage
Unloader 38,75 H p/wk € 11,86 100,00%


Job description Percentage
01. Allow Mon-Fri 00:00-06:00 145,00%
02. Allow Mon-Fri 20:00-24:00 130,00%
03. Allow Sat+Sun 150,00%
04. Allow Public holiday 200,00%
05. OT Mon-Fri 00:00-06:00 160,00%
06. OT Mon-Fri 06:00-20:00 115,00%
07. OT Mon-Fri 20:00-24:00 145,00%
08. OT Sat+ Sun 165,00%

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