Forklift Driver at a High-Tech Packing Company

Job description

Know how to drive a Forklift truck? This long-term job may be just the thing you're looking for! A high-tech packing company in Eindhoven is looking for Forklift drivers to support their professional team long-term.

Have a look at the video below for an impression of the company:

As a Forklift driver you'll be responsible for the internal transport of flight cases from stock to the repair stations, and back. You'll also load and unload trucks. If no driving work is needed, you'll assist in the assembly, disassembly and/or repair of flight cases. With a variety of activities and responsibilities, you'll experience a 'different day' every day. 

Ear protection is available and must be used in specific areas. You'll do some order picking as well and may need to lift boxes of up to 15 kg. If you're reliable and provide high quality work, it's possible to get a long-term contracts with the company directly. It's also possible to get a raise after consistently providing good work.

Working hours (subject to change):


What do you bring?

  • You have a valid forklift certificate
  • You have an independent working mentality
  • You have good English and/or Dutch communication skills (level B1 or better)
  • You have a driver's license B
  • You're available to work for a long time
  • You're willing to make extra hours when required
  • You're a team player and learn quickly
  • Private living space near Eindhoven is preferred
  • Safetyshoes S3 are mandatory on the job floor

What's in it for you?

  • Nice and modern canteen
  • Ability to stay working for at least 78 weeks
  • Free transport to work (if using company housing)
    OR refund of traveling costs up to 35 km (if using your own car)
  • Full healthcare insurance with discount
  • €200 yearly for emergency dental care
  • We will help you to receive Zorgtoeslag
  • We will help you apply for Extra Territorial Costs tax discount
  • Build-up of retirement allowance with STIPP / EU-People
  • Shiftbonus of 18% of hourly wage


HQ Pack is a producer of high-end flight cases and pallets used for the transportation of expensive machine parts by special truck or plane worldwide. ASML Lithography is an important customer of HQ Pack. They have production facilities world-wide.

HQ Pack develops and produces very sofisticated high-end flight cases, sometimes with lifting and hydraulic installations inside, for very specialised customers. These cases are used to store and ship expensive machine parts all over the world.
After usage, the flight cases are returned to HQ Pack for an extensive inspection, repair and or cleaning before being re-used.
Sometimes these flight cases are too damaged or not needed anymore. Those cases are carefully disassembled and recycled to produce new cases.

HQ Pack is proud of the efforts they do to reduce the carbon footprint of the company world wide! Recently they installed many solar panels on the complete roof of their building in Eindhoven.


Function Working week Gross wage Percentage
Forklift driver 23+ y/o 40 H p/wk € 11,53 100,00%


Job description Percentage
01. Shiftbonus (2) 06:00-24:00 118,00%
02. Shiftbonus (night) 00:00-06:00 133,00%
03. Allowance Public holiday 200,00%
04. Overtime Mon-Fri 00:00-06:00 133,00%
05. Overtime Mon-Fri 06:00-24:00 125,00%
06. Overtime Sat 06:00-24:00 150,00%
07. Overtime Sun 06:00-24:00 200,00%

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